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Writing and Handwriting


In our Writing, we currently use Talk For writing. This is a scheme written by Pie Corbett to encourage every child to become a writer. It  is based on the principles of how children learn. It enables children to imitate the language they need for a particular topic orally, before reading and analysing it, and then writing their own version. It provides children with model texts to explore before using the three principles of Talk for Writing (Immersion, Imitation and Innovation) to develop their own texts. 


Talk For Writing Information


For our handwriting, we follow the Nelson Handwriting Scheme. Throughout the children's learning journey, they will be given opportunities to develop their fine motor skills and gross motor skills. In Early Years, all children are able to mark make and develop their letter formation with a range of resources. As they move into KS1, the children will explore letter formation further and begin to join their letters. They will also be taught horizontal joins, diagonal joins and break letters (these are letters which do not join). 

Handwriting Videos

Below, there is a link to videos which show letter formation and can be used to support learning at home. 

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

The development of motor skills are paramount to children's development. We provide the children with different opportunities within provision and directed activities to develop these skills. All children begin the day with a fine motor skill task developed to increase there skills. 


Playdough Gym - Fine Motor Skills

 The children are provided with activities such as picking up small objects with tweezers, cutting and detailed colouring to help their fine motor skills. Each child is also provided with daily time to explore playdough. During this playdough time, they are encouraged to squeeze, pinch and pull the playdough. All of these actions develop children's fine motor skills. 

Gross Motor and Fine Motor Skills Websites