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Be Happy, Be safe

From Monday 7th February 2022 until Friday 18th February, we explored how we can be happy and be safe. Please look below to see some of the things the children did to help them learn how to be safe and happy. 

Speak out, Stay Safe Assembly 

During these two weeks, every child was part of a Speak Out, Stay Safe Assembly which was run by Clarendon Infants School. This assembly provided child friendly ways to help protect children from NSPCC. The school have received a wonderful certificate to show their participation. 

Online Safety Workshop

To celebrate Online Safety Day, KS1 were visited by One Day Creative. The children were incredibly lucky to participate in a workshop which focused on online safety. During the workshop, the children were encouraged to use technology respectfully and keep important information private. They were also able to discuss when people might be unkind online and that they should tell an adult. All the children who attended the workshop had a brilliant time and were able to discuss their new online safety skills with their peers. 


Below, there is a link to the workshop the children completed and more information about it.


Into the Screen Workshop - KS1

EYFS - Pantosaurus

In EYFS, they recapped the pantosaurs song and rules. This is a fantastic resource which has been developed by NSPCC to teach children the PANTS rules. Below, there is a link to the song and the rules on the NSPCC website. 

Year 1 - Chatterpix Superheroes 

In Year 1, the children focused on how to stay safe online. They discussed different ways they could stay safe and how they could share this with others. They used their Ipad Skills to use an application called Chatterpix. This application creates a picture into a video with a moving mouth piece. This allowed the children to add their own voice over the picture to become an informative video for others. Below, there is a link to the different helpful superheroes they created. 

Year 2 Safety

In Year 2, they spent a week looking at mental health and wellbeing. They completed different tasks to support wellbeing. After this, they then spent ways looking at how they can stay physically safe. For example, they discussed road safety and the things they need to remember while walking on or near roads.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources