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Love of Reading

At Clarendon Infants School, we believe in sharing a love of reading for all children. To inspire this, we use the Pie Corbett Reading Spine to develop children's exposure to different texts. Throughout the day, the children are given opportunities to explore, discuss and immerse themselves in different books. All children are given the opportunity to visit the library and see new books they might not have discovered before. Also, we hold regular reading days where the children can explore and share their new favourite books!


The children are encouraged to become passionate readers who have a life long love of reading. We believe every child is a reader and should be given opportunities to show this. 

Reading at Clarendon Infants School

We are passionate about creating a love for reading for all children and provide opportunities for children to develop this.

In our Guided Reading, we currently use a reading scheme called Pearson Bug Club. The scheme has a comprehensive collection of high quality reading books for the children to use in school. We use these texts as a basis for our learning and complete a mixture of Whole Class Reading and Reading Carousal activities. This is to develop children's comprehension skills and enable them to become life long readers.


 Pearson bug club also has an online element which you can access at home. You may have used this reading resource during online learning and are aware that it has lots of books which you can read at home.


In your child’s reading record, there is a login in and password so your child can access this resource at home. Each child has been issued a new password. The website is: - there is a digital link below you may use. If you have any issues with your child’s login and/or password, please speak to your child’s teacher – thank you!


 Each week, your child will receive a mini book (this links directly to the sounds they will have learnt in the week) and a reading for pleasure book. The mini book is a paper book which you can keep and use at home to support your child. Your child will also have the reading for pleasure book for the week (it will be returned to school and changed on a Friday). This is because rereading a text can allow your child to become familiar with new vocabulary, develop their fluency and support reading confidence. You should aim to read this book with your child regularly throughout the week.


In your child’s reading record, there will also be a sticker with the information about the sounds your child has learnt this week. There will be a code on the sticker so you can access a digital book at home linked to your child's learning. This is a fantastic resource called rhino readers and there is an information leaflet attached to explain how you access this. When you access this, it will also bring up videos which explain the sounds to help your child at home.

Reading Area and Reading Trees

At Clarendon Infants school, each classroom has their own well stocked reading area. This is for children to explore and enjoy different books in a safe environment. The reading areas have been developed to inspire a love of reading and each area has a wide range of text rich books to help children find their new favourite book. We strongly believe that every child should have access to high quality texts to help their grow their love for reading and respect for books. In the recommended reads section, there are books children have enjoyed reading in the reading area and recommended to other children. 


To ensure children have access to their own books at home, we have also held a school wide book swap. This was a free event where children were able to bring in old books and swap them for something new to enjoy. This was a success and we are looking forward to the next one!


Book Swap


Every classroom has a reading tree which is used as a visual aid to track children's reading. Each child has their own named apple which is put on the tree once they have read fro the first 25 days. Once a child has read for 50 days, the apple moves further up the tree. This continues until a child reads for 250 days and reaches the special golden apple! They will then be congratulated by the head of school and earn their own golden apple! The children enjoy moving their apple around the tree and receiving a certificate for every 25 days they have read. In every reading record, there is a tracker so you can monitor how many days your child has read and where they are on the tree. We look forward to seeing lots of children read for 250 days and earn the golden apple! 

Celebrating Reading 

We also celebrate reading through reading days. On these days, the children are able to explore new books and complete activities linked to these stories. They also create door displays to reflect the story they have looked at and share this with their friends. This term (Autumn term), we celebrated World Poetry Day and created doors to reflect our favourite poems. Please click on the link below to find out more about this. 


Poetry Day



Also, we routinely hold reading competitions at home. Below, there are some examples of our previous reading competitions where the children created their favourite book using different resources. We have also had competitions to encourage more reading at home. Please keep checking this page for more reading competitions!

Reading Information Videos

KS1 Vipers Information

This is an information booklet linked to the KS1 Reading Skill Vipers. These are the types of questions which your child will be asked during their reading. We have provided it here for you to use at home as well. If you have any questions or queries about this, please see the video on the Learning Resource Center or email your class teacher - thank you!

Reading Videos 

Reading Websites

Here are some websites you may wish to use at home with your child. Please be aware that some of the links may take you to Youtube which has some adverts on it. Some of the websites have free activities but they also have options for paid subscriptions if you would like.