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Phonics and Reading

Phonics and Reading 

In our Phonics, we currently follow Letters and Sounds to deliver high quality Phonics lessons. Each lesson follows a key process to ensure children are successful in their learning. The lesson begins with a revision session (to revise pervious learning) and then new learning is introduced. The children are then given opportunities to read words linked to the new learning then spell them. After this, they move on read a sentence and then write their own linked sentence. Throughout the day, they are then provided with opportunities in all areas to 'bump' into their learning. 


In our Reading, we currently use a reading scheme called Pearson Bug Club. The scheme has a comprehensive collection of high quality reading books for the children to use in school. We use these texts as a basis for our learning and complete a mixture of Whole Class Reading and Reading Carousal activities. This is to develop children's comprehension skills and enable them to become life long readers. 


 Pearson bug club also has an online element which you can access at home. You may have used this reading resource during online learning and are aware that it has lots of books which you can read at home.


In your child’s reading record, there is a login in and password so your child can access this resource at home. Each child has been issued a new password. The website is: - there is a digital link below you may use. If you have any issues with your child’s login and/or password, please speak to your child’s teacher – thank you!

English Information Videos

In the link below, there are videos which explain some key information for Reading, Phonics and Writing. If you would like anymore information, please contact your child's teacher via their email address. 

Phonics Information

During Year 2, we focus a great deal of our learning on being able to read, spell and use phonics sounds. By the end of Year 2, we are aiming for children to be secure in using all the sounds from Phase 2-Phase 5 in their reading and apply them to their spelling.  One of the best ways of becoming secure in these sounds is using flashcards daily.


Please refer to the information booklet below if you would like some ideas for phonics activities. There is also a useful glossary of phonics terms.

We have also included all the sounds mats for your use.

KS1 Vipers Information

This is an information booklet linked to the KS1 Reading Skill Vipers. These are the types of questions which your child will be asked during their reading. We have provided it here for you to use at home as well. If you have any questions or queries about this, please see the video on the Learning Resource Center or email your class teacher - thank you!

Phonics and Reading websites


There are lots of useful websites with phonics information and games. Here are a range of different ones you could use at home:


DfE letters and sounds home learning lessons - daily lessons on YouTube


The Letters and Sounds website has lots of information, resources and games linked to each of the phonics phases.


Pearson Bug Club will allow you to access books that are set to your child's reading level. We will review this as often as possible and try to ensure that new books are allocated.


Oxford Owl has a whole selection of free ebooks, some with linked activities. These are banded according to age group.


We like Mr Thorne does Phonics.  This is a link to his youtube channel so be aware there may be adverts/videos may autoplay.


Phonics Play has a selection of free  and fun resources you can use at home with your child. It also gives you the option to create your own account on the website however this will need to be paid for.