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School Council

In Clarendon Infants School, we have a School Council where the children are able to discuss different matters. Every class in KS1 has a school councilor who is able to attend regular meetings. In Term 6, each EYFS class elects their school councilor. This allows them to observe and be part of the discussion. 


Each school councilor is elected through a democratic electing. If a child feels they would like to be a councilor, they are able to put their name forward. This is then taken to a vote where the majority vote wins. By choosing a councilor through this process, the children are able to explore how voting works. They are also able to see how everyone has equal rights and that they have a responsibility to contribute to this.  We currently have 6 school councilors across Year 1 and Year 2. 

School Council Meeting 

09.03.2022 (Term 4) - Reading and Phonics 

The children were asked about Reading and Phonics in school. They were given the opportunity to discuss what they have been learning in Phonics and the skills they have learnt in Reading. The children discussed books they have enjoyed reading and talked about the stories they explored in World Book Day. We then took a trip to the library and discussed how we could improve this room further. The children discussed different pieces of furniture and equipment they would like. All the children were then given the task to discuss this with their class and bring ideas to the next meeting. 

School Council Meeting Quotes


Year 1 Child - "I know I can ask a friend in Phonics for help!"


Year 2 Child - "I can use sound mats to help me in Phonics."


Year 2 Child - "We read 'What the Ladybird Heard' for World Book Day"


Year 1 Child - "I like books about mermaids and octopuses!"


Year 1 Child - "My teacher reads to me at home time every day."