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Weekly Wellbeing/Thrive Activities

Hi this page has links to the weekly Thrive Approach activities. They are ideas to support your child's emotional well being.

Glitter Jar Song | Esme & Roy

Oh no, monster meltdown! Tillie doesn't want to stop playing to take a bath but Esme knows what to do! With her handy glitter jar, Esme helps Tillie calm her...

Let's Find Something Else To Do Song | Esme & Roy

Lucy's little brother Sid keeps copying everything she does! Good thing there are two monstersitters on the job! To keep Lucy from getting frustrated, Esme &...

Monster Meltdown! | Esme & Roy

When the little monsters of Monsterdale are feeling sad or down, Esme has just the thing to turn the frown upside down! Whether it's a glitter jar, belly bre...

A social story to help your child return to school

Young mind ideas for questions to ask your child

The Wiggles: Social Distancing

The Wiggles are here to help! The importance of staying home and social distancing doesn't have to be a scary conversation. You can sing and dance along at h...

Time to Come In, Bear: A Children's Story About Social Distancing

Written by Kim St. Lawrence Read by Ryan St. Lawrence Note from the author: No children's story should be written in a weekend, but I wanted to get this out ...

Thrive week 7

Thrive week 8

Daisy and the Trouble with Coronavirus (and peas)

Children's author Kes Gray reads a letter from Daisy Butters, aged 9 and eleven twelfths.

Thrive week 14

Thrive week 16