Please note that this Friday, 23rd July, is the last day of the summer term. The children will be leaving at 1.30pm on Friday. Gates will be opened at 1.25pm for parents to collect their children. We hope you all have a lovely summer break.
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Recent News

This page is full of all the new and exciting things Year 1 have experienced. Keep checking this page for updates!

Finkley Down Farm Visit 

On Thursday 17th June, all the children in Year 1 got to visit Finkley Down Farm in Andover. The focus of this visit was to explore animals and their characteristics for Science. The children had a fantastic time and got to interact with a range of different animals. During the visit, they also got to watch a Goat Race and feed different farm animals. All the children were incredibly polite and respectful to the animals. All who participated had a brilliant time and loved the visit. We would like to say a huge thank you to the brilliant parent volunteers who supported the trip and also the children for being such fantastic representatives for the school. 


Little Troopers at School Virtual Workshop

On Tuesday 8th June, all the children in KS1 got to participate in a fantastic workshop from the Little Trooper's Charity. This is a charity who supports military children and their families. As we have lots of military based families in our school, this was a fantastic opportunity for all the children. During the workshop, the children got to complete lots of physical activities which linked to military life. For example, they had to scrub the decks (pretend to clean the floor) and salute their commanding officer. Throughout the workshop, the children had lots of fun imagining they were visiting a Guardroom and learning the Phonetic Alphabet. All the children had a brilliant time and were kindly given a story to support children who come from military families. 


Below, there is a link to the Little Troopers' Website for you to explore further. 

Music Workshops

This term, we were lucky enough to participate in two fantastic music workshops. On Wednesday 19th May, we completed a virtual workshop which used body percussion to make music. This was fantastic and the children were able to use body percussion to retell nursery rhymes. They really enjoyed this workshop and they took great joy in create their own music. 

On Tuesday 25th May, we have a Covid safe singing workshop in our bubbles. This allowed the children to warm up their voices and sing new songs. They particularly enjoyed singing about a frog!

World Book Day - In School

On Wednesday 31st March, we celebrated World Book Day. It was a fantastic day where all the children dressed up as their favourite book characters and we celebrated different stories. Each class had a specific book to focus on during the day. They then completed different exciting activities linked to that book. Throughout the day, all the children contributed to a door display which celebrated the book they had looked at. There are some photos of the door displays below.

Also, to continue exploring different stories, all the teachers recorded themselves reading their favourite stories for them to enjoy. There was also an online performance of Jack and the Beanstalk which all the children watched. It was a brilliant day for all and it was so wonderful to see the children exploring different stories!

World Book Day

On Thursday 4th March, it was World Book Day. Even though many children were completing home learning during this time, we still honoured the day. All the children got to explore different books throughout the day and there was a competition with Clarendon Junior School to complete a model of their favourite book. This could be a model of: their favourite character; their favourite scene; their favourite object from the story; and their favourite front cover. There were lots of incredible entries which celebrated different stories and it was very hard to pick a winner! However, the winner for EYFS Phase was ‘Up’ and the winner for KS1 Phase was ‘Paddington Bear’. We would like to say a huge well done to the winners but also for all the amazing entries! Below, there are some

photos showing the brilliant entries we received. 

Cholderton Charlie's Farm Visit 

On Wednesday 25th November, we were visited by Cholderton Charlie’s Farm for a farm visit.  The children followed clear hand washing and safety rules which allowed them to interact with the animals during the visit. They listened fantastically to the animal talks and asked thoughtful questions about the different animals. During the visit, they got to see: goats, sheep, pigs, guinea pigs and rabbits. The children loved hearing about them all and thought the very cheeky pigs were cute! They also found it funny when a little guinea pig snuggled into a coat for an afternoon snuggle! All of the children were fantastic representatives of the school and they really enjoyed the visit!

Anti-Bullying Week 

This week, Year 1 have discussed Anti-Bullying Week. We have looked at what bullying is and what we should do if we are being bullied. In our classes, we have discussed the adults who we should speak to and who can help us. Also, we have discussed how we are kind and caring members of the school who aim to be kind to everyone!

Virtual Firefighter Visit 

This week, Year 1 and 2 were virtually visited by Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service. Each class took part in a 30 minute presentation where they learnt all about the different services firefighters participate in. The children listened attentively and were fantastic representatives for Clarendon Infants School! 

The children were told a story about a scenario which explained what they should do if they hear a fire alarm. The link to this story has been attached below if you would like to go through it again with your child. Also, the children were taught a rhyme to help them remember what to do if they are ever in that situation. They know they must 'get down, get out, stay out and call 999'.