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This page is full of all the new and exciting things Year 2 have experienced. Keep checking this page for updates!



Church Visit - The Easter Story

On Monday 4th April and Tuesday 5th April, the children on Year 2 went on a visit to the local church. They walked sensibly with their teachers to Holy Trinity Church. When they arrived at the church, they were able to look at its features and discuss these with the local reverend. The local reverend discussed Easter with the children and why it is important for Christians to celebrate. They went on an interactive exploration of the Easter Story and completed different activities for each part. The children were respectful in the church and they were fantastic representatives for the school.

Reverend Visit - Welcoming Others

On Tuesday 22nd March, the children were visited by the local Reverend. They discussed what a Reverend is and what they mean to the church. They were then taught a song which encourages people to welcome every one. The children sang beautifully and joined in with the actions. The Reverend then introduced them to her friend Ginger Biscuit (a puppet) and explained that he is shy. They talked about how they could make him feel welcome and more confident. The children enjoyed their visit and talking about welcoming others.

Virtual Author Visit - Mini Grey

On Tuesday 22nd March, KS1 children were able to take part in a virtual author visit held by Wiltshire Council. This is part of their scheme called 'The Wiltshire Year of Reading'. We are incredibly lucky to be a part of this fantastic scheme which promotes a love of reading for all children. 


During this session, the children were virtually visited by Mini Grey. She is a well known author who has written iconic books such as 'Traction Man' and 'The Egg Drop'. Mini Grey talked to us about the different books she has written and her favourite characters. She then answered some questions from the children watching (lots of different schools participated in the event). The children were very excited when their question got answered and Mini Grey explained how her ideas became a story. The children also got to participate with a draw a long. They were able to create a mouse using instructions from Mini Grey. It was a brilliant session and the children had lots of fun!

Science Week 2022

British Science Week is a 10 day celebration of Science from the 11th - 20th March. Each year there is a theme and this year the theme is 'Growth'. There is a link attached at the bottom of this for you to find out more about British Science Week.


To celebrate this, the children explored a range of fantastic activities to help them become curious and confident scientists. They were able to explore:

  • Cress Heads 
  • Wonderful Worms
  • Stretchy Slime
  • Tree Trouble 
  • Ingenious Gentoos (a type of penguin)
  • Bread Rolls
  • Plant Detectives

The children had a brilliant time and enjoyed becoming scientists! 

Book Swap

On Friday 4th March, to celebrate World Book Day, Clarendon Infants School had its first book swap! All the children were able to bring in a book (or more!) that they do not read any more at home. These books were then collected for a school wide book swap. The event was held after school and families were able to choose a book for their children. The books which were donated were fantastic and families had lots of fun choosing new books! Younger siblings were even able to get involved through the baby book table. The event was a brilliant success and we hope you enjoy your new books!


We are looking forward to the next swap!

World Book Day

On Friday 4th March, the children joined in with World Book Day. Each class got to explore a different book for the day and complete activities linked to this. They were able to create a door display as a class to inspire other children to read the book. All the children also came in dressed as their favourite book  character for the day and all of the children had a brilliant day! Throughout the day, the children had a boo character parade and reading sessions with different adults. It was a fantastic day!


World Book Day 2022 

Online Safety

To celebrate Online Safety Day, KS1 were visited by One Day Creative. The children were incredibly lucky to participate in a workshop which focused on online safety. During the workshop, the children were encouraged to use technology respectfully and keep important information private. They were also able to discuss when people might be unkind online and that they should tell an adult. All the children who attended the workshop had a brilliant time and were able to discuss their new online safety skills with their peers. 


Below, there is a link to the workshop the children completed and more information about it.


Into the Screen Workshop - KS1

Football Tricks

On the 18th January, the children were visited by Jamie Knight. He is a Guinness World Record holder for football tricks. During the session, he demonstrated the different football tricks he can do and why he has the records. Throughout the session, he coached the children through different skills and tricks. Each trick required more skills and used different techniques. The children enjoyed learning the different tricks and they are looking forward to practising these skills. 

Santa Dash

On Wednesday 15th December, the children completed a sponsored Santa Dash to raise money for the school. The children were able to run around the track and complete as many circuits as they could. They all ran very far! Thank you all for your contribution and support to our school!

Paul Sturgess - Basketball Visit

On Friday 10th December, KS1 were visited by Paul Sturgess who is a basketball player. He used to play for the Harlem Globe Trotters and he is 7 ft and 7 inches. It was a brilliant visit and the children were taught basketball skills. They were able to dribble the basketball and complete team challenges. Throughout the visit, he also encouraged good sportsmanship in the challenges. The children had wonderful time and were amazing representatives for the school!

Robert Starling - Virtual Author Visit

This year, Wiltshire are holding a year of reading. This is to celebrate different stories and encourage a love of reading in all children. On the 16th and 17th of November, they held online author visits with Robert Starling and Eileene Browne.


In Key Stage 1, we met Robert Starling an author who is known for Fergal is Fuming!, Fergal Meets Fern and Super Sloth (which features a lovable sloth as the central character). During the talk, Robert Starling read his story Fergal is Fuming and then showed the children how to draw different characters. At the end of the talk, he answered questions from the children. It was a brilliant session and the children loved learning how to draw different characters. We have attached the characters they created below for you to see. 

Diwali Celebration

On Thursday 4th November, the school explored the Hindu festival of Diwali. Throughout the day, the children learnt about Diwali, created rangoli patterns and listened to the Hindu story of Rama and Sita. The children were also visited by different adults (both parents and members of staff) who are Hindu and celebrate Diwali. During the discussion, the children learnt about why Diwali is celebrated and why it is an important religious festival. The children had a fantastic day and were incredibly excited and curious to learn about Diwali. They were then given the opportunity to ask some questions about Diwali. We would like to thank all the people who participated in Diwali and hope everyone has a happy Diwali!


Below, there are some photos showing the different Diwali experiences the children had.

Year 2 - Reverend Visit

As part of our RE topic this term, Year 2 were visited by the local Reverend. Before the visit, the children discussed what a Reverend was and any questions they wanted to ask. During the visit, they were able to ask there questions and listen to the answers. All of the children enjoyed learning about different religious viewpoints and learning about the local Church. It was a wonderful visit and the children were brilliant interviewers! 

Halloween and Bonfire Night Safety


Dear parents/carers,

With Halloween and Bonfire night soon upon us, it is important that your child understands how they can help keep themselves safe. Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service have produced this sway  Halloween and Bonfire Night ( (which can be opened on any device with internet connection) which you can use with your child to aid discussion in how to stay safe near fireworks, bonfires and other flame sources. There is also the chance to enter a free prize draw for a VIP trip to a DWFRS fire station! (Ts& Cs apply – see sway for details)

We encourage you to talk to your child about safety at this time of year and use this resource to aid you and remind you of the main safety advice.  Halloween and Bonfire Night (

Thank you, good luck if your child enters the prize draw and have a happy and safe half term break.


Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service.