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Our learning gallery

Send a picture or video of your learning to your class teacher and we'll post it on the learning gallery.

A special mention to NA from Kingfishers who sends me his learning EVERY week and reads most days.  He is a real lock-down learning super star - well done NA, I am very proud of you!



AM in Robins has written this beautiful poem about the summer.

Wonderful dragon writing from NA in Kingfishers. Keep up the amazing writing!

JC in Robins has been watching some frog spawn hatch and develop. Look at the little froglet, can you see how it is different from a tadpole?

HS in Woodpeckers has done some fantastic practice of division. He has also had a go at some cooking and gardening.

IB in Woodpeckers has been doing some brilliant writing and dragon art work.

OS in Robins and his brothers had a great idea for learning the spelling of common exception words. Write them on the wall and then try and hit them with a ball!

Some lovely sentences from AM in Robins, keep up the hard work!

KH from Kingfishers has been doing some fabulous home learning and helping teach her sister GH! Bread, butterfly hunts and planting as well as cracking that pencil grip. Well done KH - very proud teacher!

What a lovely poem by AM in Robins!


This is a dragon I wouldn't mind living in the Robins class. Well done AM!


CC in Robins has been very busy the last couple of weeks. I love the giant Easter egg on the wall, beautiful!





SS from Kingfishers celebrating V.E. day and making a fairy garden - I'd love to live in a garden like that!

I love this colourful unikitty by MB in Robins!

Look at what SS in Robins has been doing. Did you have a good VE day?


OS in Robins has done some maths and written a pros and cons list for keeping a dragon in school. Well done!


AM in Robins has been very, very, very busy! Her home school peg in on superstar!






LB in Robins has found a very creative way to show his support to the NHS. I love it!


Science - Frogs released from tadpoles - Great job DW

Some awesome Top Trumps designs from Nightingales (E-LR and RJ)

OS in Robins has designed a dragon. I wonder what kind of dragon it is?

LC in Robins has been doing some maths and phonics. Well done!


AM in Robins has been busy again this week. I love the missing dragon poster, please can you all keep an eye out for the dragon when you are on your walks around Tidworth.


CM in Kingfishers re-created this piece of artwork and sent it to the artist! What a talent! The artist loved it almost as much as I do.

HJB in Woodpeckers made a super shield and a dragon's lair using Lego. Well done!

Happy birthday SS - and fabulous writing!

Lots of great learning from RJ in Nightingales over the past few weeks.

LG has been busy this week ;-)

Some lovely work from HJ in Nightingales this week ;-)

A selection of work sent in by LM in Nightingales - You have been very busy!

Castle creations from Nightingales

Fun learning at home. Who knew that tadpoles like broccoli?

Tadpoles eating broccoli!
Practicing maths at home.

AM in Robins has done some writing about dragons.


Look how busy OS in Robins has been!


A great poster about St George from SS in Robins.


Some great learning from AW in Nightingales

Dragon Similes

Still image for this video
Super learning Lacey! Your peg has been moved to super star.

Rosie the Dragon

Still image for this video
Lovely noun phrases and conjunctions but shhhh it's a secret!

Dragon nest found in Nightingales Class!