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This term we are focusing on learning our numbers to 20, using our number skills already learnt and applying them in different ways.

We are looking at coins and money for maths for the next couple of weeks.

Fill to 20 (A game to explore numbers to 20!)

Play Fill to 20 to develop understanding and experience of numbers to 20. Each player needs two 10 frames and at least 20 counters (you could use Lego, butto...

Ace Counting in 2s!

Ace Counting in 5s!

Part Whole game (a game to investigate adding pairs of numbers)

This game uses the 'part whole' model to investigate the relationship between pairs of numbers and their total. An easy way to play with adding and subtracti...

I count, you count (A super simple way to practise counting!)

Let's play I count, you count! Take it in turns to say the next number in the sequence - easy! But what if the sequence changes to saying 2 numbers each time...

Number of the Day 11

Time for number 11! But what does it look like on a 10-frame? Which numbers are fewer than 11? Or more than 11? And how can you add 2 numbers to make 11?

Number of the Day 12

Here's Number of the Day - Number 12! What numbers are less than 12? What does 12 look like? Which pairs of numbers add together to make 12? Let's find out!

Number of the Day 13

Learn about the number 13! What does it look like? How can we add pairs of numbers to make 13? Where is it on a number track? Have fun!

Number of the Day 14

Here's a video all about the number 14! Take a look to find out what 14 looks like, what it looks like on a number track, on a 10 frame and how to use the pa...

Number of the Day 15

Here's a video all about the number 15! What it looks like, what numbers are fewer and more than 15 and how to add pairs of numbers to make it! Have fun!