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Last term at school

What is it like being back at school?


I asked our year 2 key worker children (in double, trouble bubble) what they wished they had known before the came back to school – here are their questions and answers (in their own words).  We hope this is helpful - there will be some changes in September in line with guidelines but this gives you a flavour of what it's like. Early years has different expectations and experiences.


What can we bring into school?

We can bring lunch, a water bottle, hand sanitiser, sun cream, hat and a coat.  We can put it in a small bag and this is under our desks.  Our coats go on the back of our chairs.


Can we have ‘show and tell’?

No.  We can only bring in what we really need.



How often do I need to wash my hands?

A lot! We wash them when we arrive, before break, after break, before lunch, after lunch and anytime we sneeze or cough. Only one person can go to the toilets at a time – so it takes a long time.


Can I play with my friends?

You can play with your friends outside.  When we are inside we sit at our desks.

You can play with the other children in your bubble.  You cannot play with children in other bubbles.


Can I touch my friends?

No and yes.  No because we have to stay apart in the classroom and yes because we can touch each-other when we play outside and play tag. You can only touch people in your bubble.



What is a bubble?

A bubble is a group of people that you are with for the whole day.  You have your own play area and play together. 


What do you learn at school?

We have been learning the same things that you have at home.  We use the website packs.


Things we have liked about being back at school:

Seeing my friends, making new bubble friends, learning, maths, playing outside, seeing my teacher, playing hide and seek and tag, making things, painting, science, reading, having fun with my friends.


Things I have not liked about being back at school:

I can’t see all my class because they are still at home.  I haven’t seen my teacher because they teach a different bubble.


We hope this quick guide is helpful.  Have a lovely summer and we can't wait to have you back in September.