Please remember that Friday 18th June is a Teacher Training Day and the school will be closed to all pupils that day.
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Home Learning

Term 6 home learning for Amazing Animals! if you or your child should need to isolate.

As before, here are some ideas for you to dip into when ready. Last term's activities were not used, so they are here below as well - choose from any activities that you or your child like best!

Term 5: Home Learning if you or your child need to isolate

Here are 2 weeks of home learning ideas that you can dip into as you or your child feel ready. Alternatively, choose any of the ideas from previous home learning packs and follow your child's interests. Please use the email if you need support.

Looking forward to seeing you back soon!

Term 4 2021: Home Learning ideas

Here you will find the current weeks learning ideas - there is no obligation to do all of them, they are here to support you if you need them. Work through as many as you like and remember, we are here at the end of an email if you need further ideas or support. Most of the activities are designed to be practical and only need the resources you will probably have at home. Some suggestions can be printed and if you need help with this, contact the school office.

As you scroll down the page, you will find activities from previous weeks and previous terms, that may be useful if you missed them. 

Weeks beginning 22.2.21 and 1.3.21 The Gingerbread Man

This story is our ‘Talk for Writing’ text this term and we will be listening to lots of different versions – more will be added next week. The plan is for 2 weeks. We will also be looking at changes in the seasons, so watch the 3 films in our video resource centre to get you started! Phonics is also part of the daily routine, so do look in the phonics star as well.

Finally, there are some suggestions for developing concentration – requested by parents! Keep your requests coming in!!

Mr Wolf's Pancakes, by Jan Fearnley

Mr Wolf's Pancakes, by Jan Fearnley. Read aloud by Nigel Planer."Join Mr Wolf in the kitchen as he gets into lots of trouble making pancakes in this funny, i...

World Book Day Stories

For World Book Day, each teacher has recorded their favourite picture book for you to enjoy. Each teacher has read their book in a different way. One teacher has even read theirs as a bedtime story for you!

Can you find the bedtime story video? 

Can you find the book about fruit?

Can you find the book full of letters?

We hope you enjoy listening to all these different stories and hope you find one you enjoy. If you do find your new favourite book, we would love to hear about it!

Follow the link below to watch the teachers reading their favourite books.

Twinkl audio book of the Gingerbread man

Still image for this video
Listen to this story - which one do you like the best out of the versions you have heard so far?

The changing seasons

Term 3 2021: Home Learning ideas


Week beginning 8.2.21 Chinese New Year

This week please finish the activities linked to The Snail and the Whale as this was to cover 2 weeks. You will find it below. Also, in nursery we will be celebrating Chinese New Year which starts at the end of the week. There is some information and also different versions of the stories. Why not do some food tasting this week? try some prawn crackers, some flavoured rice - we use packets you pop in the microwave in nursery - or some simple noodles? We have found the chicken flavour ones are the most popular with the children! Let me know what you have enjoyed at home. Celebrate Chinese New Year, celebrate the last week of term 3 and see you again soon!

Week beginning 1.2.21 The Snail and the Whale.

I know from your feedback that many of you chose to do the snowy activities last week, rather than the Gruffalo's child. So this week, the plan will cover 2 weeks - select any activities from this plan or the Gruffalo's child from last week. The story was made into a film  and you may have watched it at Christmas time. It is still available on BBC iplayer if you can access it.

This week is also National Well Being week, so there are 5 extra activities you may like to try.

There is an extra story in our video resource centre for world read aloud day!

Week beginning 25.1.21 The Gruffalo's Child

This week we move to the Gruffalo's child and think about our own behaviours and family. Keep listening to the main Gruffalo story as well and this week, you can join in with Mrs. Riordan reading it! You will find the 2 videos in our 'Video Resource Centre' on the home page, as well as a link below.  All this weeks activities are practical.

Did you see Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler on the BBC news this week? They were giving tips for home learning. Julia said to enjoy telling any stories and use different voices. Axel said to draw or copy anything you enjoy and to encourage your child's imagination. 

Week beginning 18.1.21 The Gruffalo - part 2!

Continuing our featured text for this term - this week we explore other aspects of our planning through this story. There are a couple of videos to watch this week with ideas to take you round the house exploring! There are ideas for 'playing' the story in your own way, counting, extended their vocabulary and and also their listening skills - what an adventure!

Finally, in response to requests from you, I have added other activities in the resources below - enjoy!

Some of these have suggestions by Twinkl on what to do with your slime - don't be put off, just enjoy the play and fun!

Week beginning 11.1.21 The Gruffalo!

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson is our featured text this term. We aim to learn parts of it off by heart so that the children have the confidence to join in with it as it is read to them. This could be with words, repeated phrases or actions. This is part of our school 'Talk for Writing' which gives the children the confidence to eventually write stories for themselves! It starts here in nursery by becoming familiar with stories so that they can retell them to others. So far we have learnt 'Mr. Wiggle and Mr. waggle' and 'The Little Red Hen' - ask your child to tell the story to you, with all the actions and you will see what we are aiming for this term!

So off we go!

Listen to the story or watch the film that you will find further down the page. Soon they will be joined by a member of the Early Years Team reading it as well! Listen as many times as you like over the next few weeks and if you have a copy at home, share that together too!

Then have a look at this weeks activity ideas and see which ones you would like to start with.

Have fun and let us know how it is going - speak to you all soon,

The Nursery Team

The Gruffalo - By Julia Donaldson | Children's Books Read Aloud

Please Subscribe Here ⇢ Don't Forget to Like, Share & Comment! The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson - A mouse took a stroll through th...

A set of activities just for when it snows!

24.1.21 Here is the snow I prepared for! Hope you are enjoying it too!

British weather can be unpredictable and even the weather people get it wrong sometimes! Therefore, this set of activities is here, just in case, for when it snows! If we don't have snow this Winter, some could be done on a very frosty morning.

New resource requested by you!

Previous Learning

A first set of activities for our first few days at home!

The next 2 pages of activities were here to help you if your child had to self isolate or the nursery was locked down. As we didn't lock down, you may wish to use them now. These are guidelines and there is no obligation to complete them - they are here if you want ideas of things to do. Many families prefer to do their own 'projects' so feel free to do what is best for your own situation, children's interest and health.

There are 2 weeks of activities, linked to the theme of 'food Glorious food'. 

Don't forget to look in other stars, such as those for phonics and pencil control, for more ideas and resources.